About Us

Our Organization

A non-profit company registered under Sec 8 (then Sec 25) of the Companies Act and established in 2012. We work with underprivileged households in Maharashtra on household and community development.

Our objective is sustainable development in slum communities. We provide slum households access to training and placement services, financial literacy and financial services. We work with local NGOs, CBOs and volunteers to identify and address slum community issues. We help the Government authorities (Municipal Corporations, Public Health Centers, Mumbai Police) with expertise, trained volunteers and materials as required.

We are committed to a collaborative, sustainable, design-first approach to development where every stakeholder (the slum household, the enabling organization and the service provider) is involved.

Focus Areas

Financial inclusion

Sustainable interventions to assist unbanked communities access formal financial services and digital channels to build their asset base, secure life and property, and access safe credit.


An all-round approach to health – to build strong health habits for prevention, to strengthen the health ecosystem for slums by working with the Government and the public sector, and to provide assistance during times of emergency for every slum household.


Augment the earning capacity and income of slum households through home-based channels for income, better interactions with the formal economy, and training and capacity building.

Community support

To undertake and implement schemes and projects required to meet an immediate, urgent need in slum communities through our network of field and community organizations, and volunteers.